The history of Dental practice in Canora

The history of dental practice in Canora and Edmonton dates back to the early 1900s when the Ontario Dental Association was founded on July 2, 1867. This was a significant breakthrough for dentistry in Canada as it gave a professional governing body the power to license and regulate dentistry. Then, in September 1902, the first meeting of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) was held in Montreal. The major topics discussed at this meeting were the code of ethics and bylaws for the new association.

In July 1906, Alberta became a province, and soon after that, the Alberta Dental Association (ADA) was founded. The first official meeting of the ADA took place in Banff, and during this time, more dentists were coming to Alberta with an increased demand for their services in both Canora and Edmonton. As a result, much focus was given to improving dental infrastructures such as dental clinics and laboratories. In addition to these changes, several new regulations concerning dental practices were also implemented by provincial authorities during this period, such as mandatory registration for all licensed dentists and strict penalties for those who did not adhere to these regulations. 

As technology advanced over time, so did dental practices in Canora and Edmonton. Better equipment became available, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning and increased comfort levels for patients undergoing procedures. Access to higher levels of education in fields such as orthodontics opened up doors for newer treatments such as braces or other corrective measures, further improving oral health care outcomes across both cities. 

Throughout their history, Canora has seen numerous advances within their respective communities’ oral health care systems due mainly to organizations like CDA and ADA providing support towards evolving policies and regulations related to dentistry practice standards; however, progress hasn’t always been smooth sailing. With rising costs associated with running an independent practice, many dentists have opted instead to join larger groups or corporations that offer shared resources across multiple sites, thus allowing them to remain competitive while accessing improved business models that increase efficiency resulting in higher quality care overall. 

Today there continues to be an ever-changing landscape within Canora’s and Edmonton’s respective oral health care systems, but one thing remains constant; there is still a firm commitment from local practitioners towards providing high-quality services through ongoing education initiatives and ongoing advancements within tools and technology-related areas such as radiology imaging among others; ultimately setting standards towards achieving improved patient satisfaction outcomes throughout different cities.

Despite the many changes in dental practice in Edmonton over the years, one thing has remained constant: dentists’ commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care to their patients.

Why is it essential to find a good dentist in your area?

There are a few reasons why finding a good dentist in your area is important. First and foremost, you want someone skilled at providing quality dental care.

As a general rule, good dentists will offer a variety of preventative treatments, such as fluoride treatment, professional cleanings, and sealants, to help prevent cavities and get rid of tooth decay. As well as strengthening teeth, these treatments can help keep them healthy for a long time.

Besides providing these preventative treatments, a good dentist will also be able to monitor your oral health by providing regular checkups and cleanings to ensure that any potential problems can be identified at an early stage.

In this way, you can prevent more severe problems from developing. You must seek regular dental care from a dentist whose work you trust and whom you feel comfortable with to keep your teeth healthy.


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The different dental services that are available at Dentist Canora

Many different dental services are available at a dentist’s office. Some standard services include:

Cleaning and exam: These are routine visits to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and checked for any problems. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, check for cavities, and look for any signs of gum disease.

Fillings: If you have a cavity, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill the area with a material such as an amalgam or composite resin.

Crowns and bridges: A crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth to protect it and restore its shape and function. A bridge is a false tooth held in place by crowns on either side and used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.

Root canals: This procedure is used to treat a tooth that has become infected or abscessed. The dentist will remove the infected tissue inside the tooth and fill the area with a special material.

Extractions: If a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, the dentist may recommend extracting it. This involves removing the tooth from its socket in the jaw.

Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment involves using braces or other devices to correct misaligned teeth and improve the smile’s appearance.

Periodontal treatment: This treatment is used to treat gum disease, an infection of the tissues and bones that support the teeth.

Dental implants: Dental implants are a solution for replacing missing teeth. As a replacement for missing teeth, titanium implants are placed in the jawbone. Unlike traditional bridges or dentures, dental implants restore the function and appearance of missing teeth.

Overall, the specific dental services offered at a dentist’s office will depend on the needs and preferences of the individual patient.

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Dental neglect can have severe consequences for your oral and overall health. Here are some of the risks associated with not visiting the dentist regularly:

  1. Tooth decay and gum disease: When you don’t visit the dentist regularly, you risk getting tooth decay and gum disease. These conditions can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums and lead to tooth loss if left untreated.
  2. Oral cancer: Regular dental checkups can help your dentist detect oral cancer in its early stages when it is most treatable. If you don’t visit the dentist regularly, you may not receive the necessary early screenings to detect oral cancer.
  3. Heart disease: There’s some evidence that oral health and heart health go hand in hand. You’re more likely to get heart disease if you have gum disease, so regular dental care is vital for preventing this condition.
  4. Diabetes: Poor oral health has been linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes.
  5. Pregnancy complications: Pregnant women who have gum disease may be at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy.

Visiting the dentist regularly is essential to maintain good oral health and preventing serious health problems. Schedule regular dental checkups to keep your mouth and body healthy.

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What should you look for when choosing a dentist?

Choosing a dentist can be challenging. Here are a few things you should look for:

  1. Training and experience: Make sure your dentist is thoroughly trained and has experience in the field. Look for a dentist who has completed a dental degree from an accredited dental school and has a valid licence to practise dentistry.
  2. Expertise: Consider what type of dental care you need. If you have a specific dental condition or need a specialized procedure, look for a dentist with experience and expertise.
  3. Location: Choosing a conveniently located dentist is essential, especially if you will be seeing them regularly. Consider the distance to the office and the availability of parking and public transportation.
  4. Office hours: Make sure the dentist’s office hours work for you. Find a dentist who’s open evenings or weekends if you work during the day.
  5. Patient reviews: Look for a dentist with good patient reviews and ratings. You can find patient reviews online or ask friends and family for recommendations.
  6. Payment options: Consider whether the dentist accepts your insurance and what payment options they offer. If you don’t have insurance, ask about the cost of different procedures and whether the dentist provides payment plans.
  7. Comfort: Finally, choosing a dentist you feel comfortable with is crucial. Look for a dentist who is friendly, patient, and willing to take the time to answer your questions.


As a whole, it is imperative to choose a qualified, experienced dentist who provides excellent dental care to their patients.

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